Cotton Candy

Image of Zorlone Edited by Frank Cunha III
Image of Zorlone Edited by Frank Cunha III

“One more, please?” Pedro cried out a prayer. He counted the small change he got from yesterday’s earnings. He still needed to meet his daily quota of cotton candy sales before he could start making any profits for the day.

The gloom oh his face brightened and he couldn’t help a smile broaden when two beautifully dressed girls approached him.

Manong, can we get two cotton candies please?” the girl in a blue dress asked.

“Yes, of course, iha,” he replied.

“Teresa! Come inside the van, we’re about to leave,” a man’s voice shouted.

“Ah, sorry Manong. Time to go,” she apologized. “I’ll come back next week.”

The smile on Pedro’s face melted as he nodded hopefully at the girl.

Then, a lady carrying a baby from his side asked for half a dozen pieces.

“Thank you,” Pedro graciously whispered.

Some words to define
Manong – a respectful way of addressing an older man like Mr. or Sir.
Iha – local term to call a little girl

Photo: Zorlone Edited by Frank Cunha III Original story by Zorlone

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Warm Hands

Image rights to "hey summer"
Image rights to “hey summer”

“He has such warm hands,” Page spoke loudly in the room.

She used to be bed ridden after suffering a concussion and was placed in the ICU. Everyday, doctor Robert made his rounds and examined her.

“You know Anne,” she spoke to the sleeping young lady next to her bed. “His hands felt so warm every time he touches me, I don’t know how to explain it,” she paused. “He healed me.

Just then, the doctor entered the room. He nodded at Page, then approached Anne. The doctor placed his left hand on her right wrist while his right hand held her palm. He smiled weakly after his examination, then he stepped out of the room.

“P-Page,” Anne said. “He has warm hands!”

Page gave a flabbergasted look at Anne, whom, a few minutes ago, was in a deep coma.