Sacred Stone

Image rights to Mickemike
Image rights to Mickemike

Lolo – Grandfather
Apo – Grandson

Daniel knew about the folk lore. His lolo was one of the oldest and richest men in their barrio. He heard that people like lolo Puling will never rest until he passed his sacred stone to one of his descendants.

It was him.

He entered the room smelling jasmin and incense. His lolo‘s face was peaceful. “My dear apo, give me your hand,” the ancient man said. Daniel reached out and held his lolo’s still strong hands. He remembered being carried by the old man when he was younger.

With a deep breath, “I leave you everything,” he said.

Their eyes locked as if speaking with one another for an eternity. Then the glow in the older man’s eyes disappeared, then he slept.

Daniel withdrew his hand from lolo Puling and noticed a blue jewel as if engraved in his palm.

The Cursed Pendant

Image rights to "Prototype 57"
Image rights to “Prototype 57”

“Black magic I tell you!” An old man shouted in the middle of the plaza. He was frantic as he pronounced the words.

“Shhh,” a vendor hushed the troubled man. “Be quiet if you know what’s best for you.”

The fascinated onlookers gazed at the wild-eyed figure.

“You who cursed me with black magic, come out and face me if you want this back,” he shouted angrily as he waved a golden pendant within his hand. The crowd was still confused of what they saw.

The old man suddenly fell lifeless to the ground. A deafening silence shrouded the witnesses.

A teenager spoke, “Black…” but he was cut off by the old vendor. “Shhh! Be quiet if you know what’s best for you. She unmindfully picked up the cursed pendant from the old man’s hand and walked to the forest.

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Warm Hands

Image rights to "hey summer"
Image rights to “hey summer”

“He has such warm hands,” Page spoke loudly in the room.

She used to be bed ridden after suffering a concussion and was placed in the ICU. Everyday, doctor Robert made his rounds and examined her.

“You know Anne,” she spoke to the sleeping young lady next to her bed. “His hands felt so warm every time he touches me, I don’t know how to explain it,” she paused. “He healed me.

Just then, the doctor entered the room. He nodded at Page, then approached Anne. The doctor placed his left hand on her right wrist while his right hand held her palm. He smiled weakly after his examination, then he stepped out of the room.

“P-Page,” Anne said. “He has warm hands!”

Page gave a flabbergasted look at Anne, whom, a few minutes ago, was in a deep coma.

The Forest of Bahn

image credit to pareeerica
image credit to pareeerica

An ocean of leaves restlessly moved in unison at the approaching trolls armed with axes and torches. These mischievous creatures were never welcome in the forest of Bahn.

Gladin, the dwarf lord that lead the trolls, commanded to burn everything to the ground. But the forest was not defenseless. In an unforeseen signal, it rained spikes that bore through their thick skins and the fruits spitted saps that extinguished their torches.

The surviving trolls ran amok to the surrounding plains.Gladin looked back and saw the silhouette of Charla, the mistress of the forest. Her diamond eyes blinked at him once then he instantly expired. The roots pulled his remains and those trolls that fell on the ground into the earth.

Charla retired in her cocoon, satisfied with the result of the battle. She laid dormant until the next assault.

Tale of the Man Who Loved the Moon

Image credit to Zorlone
Image credit to Zorlone

In the land of Tah, a mighty warrior, Zoran won battles for his powerful, yet greedy ruler, Avarus. His only desire was for the love of his master’s daughter, Maan. Since Maan was Avarus’ most beautiful possession, he vanished her to the night sky and became the moon.

For years the warrior and his beloved were separated. But because the warrior was known throughout the land for his kindness and righteousness, a hermit came to him one day and said,

“Wait for the starless night sky with fertile clouds, your beautiful Maan shall walk upon the land with you for seven days and nights.”

The warrior climbed Mt. Luere and waited for such night. The moon shone through the clouds then Zoran passionately called out for his Maan. When the clouds engulfed the moon, Maan appeared silently at Zoran’s side.


The Empty Room

Image rights to munecaoriginal
Image rights to munecaoriginal

One early morning, Dr. Robert Cruz was about to make rounds, when he saw his childhood friend in the elevator.

“Here, keep this,” Alyssa said as she handed over a pocket sized Bible to the doctor. “It already helped me through a lot.”

The doctor politely thanked his friend then went on his rounds when the elevator door opened. He received an SMS from Alyssa.

“I also spent sleepless nights watching my friend deteriorate at room 407. I know you can recover from the pain.”

He saw the reflection of his dark set eyelids from a hallway mirror. He opened the Bible and read the inscription inside:


Robert gave me this to remind me about faith and moving on.

Tina Cruz.”

Tears fell in front of the empty room where Tina’s name used to be seen by Robert.

His Memory of Her Home

Image rights to sfPhotocraft
Image rights to sfPhotocraft

The sun was already low in the horizon when he reached the familiar white residence.

Brian waited in anticipation to meet his former classmate, Mae. This would be their first meeting in six years after graduation. He wanted to surprise her; his memory of her home served him well. He traveled hundreds of miles, just to see her again.

With orange tulips and chocolates in his hands, a black coupe parked on the street and he saw her familiar figure. Mae didn’t change; everything about her was the same.

Her face lighted up when she saw him. “Brian!” she exclaimed, not entirely knowing what to say.

The passenger door opened, a small boy came out and looked at them. Brian’s heart felt light at the presence of the child who bore the same eyes and shape of his handsome face.

An Embarrassing Fall

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Gem’s left foot leaned outward and forward, while her right foot was planted on the floor, she held on to a railing with her left hand as her right hand balanced a tray of cookies for a fund raising activity in school.

“Bravo!” shouted a voice in the crowd. Gem righted herself up from skidding on the slippery floor of the hallway.

“Whew!” she said to herself, avoiding an embarrassing fall. “Thank you Suriel,” she prayed to her guardian angel.

On her way home, a masked man cornered her in an alley, pointed a knife to her throat, and rummaged her schoolbag for money. For no apparent reason, she slipped in the same position earlier; her attacker fell on the ground driving his own knife to his chest.

“Suriel, thank you,” she whispered. The money raised that day was untouched.