Odd Tuesday

Photo Credits to Manuel Atienzar
Photo Credits to Manuel Atienzar

Alfred is an admired businessman known for his rags to riches story. After all, it took ten years of hard work to put him where he is.

Every week, he patiently waited in line to transact his business at the bank, but this odd Tuesday, an indigent went in and shook his hand.

“A fine day to you, Mr. Alfred,” the beggar said. “Could you please spare this hungry man a dollar, I have already missed six meals.”

Honored and flabbergasted, Mr. Alfred readily took a dollar from his pocket and gave it to the stout man.

“On second thought, could you please spare another dollar?” he said politely.

He felt his hand a little heavier when he lifted the dollar to the demanding pauper.

“Thanks,” the man said, then hurriedly left.

On his way out, the beggar entered again.