Contagious Laughter

Image rights to Zorlone
Image rights to Zorlone

Jacob’s contagious laughter spilled throughout the room like daylight creeping through curtains in a sunny afternoon. He told his latest adventure to his friends. It was during Saturdays when he could relax and get together with the other workers at the factory.

“I envy you Jacob,” one of the men told him. “You are lucky! Nailing that pretty brunette, Agnes!”

Jacob gave another boisterous laugh then winked in agreement to the man.

When he reached home, his patient wife was fanning their daughter relentlessly because their electricity was cut off. He merely smiled then sat opposite the sofa and immediately fell asleep.

His wife walked towards him then wiped the sweat off his broad forehead.
“Thank you Agnes,” he slurred.

Anne looked blankly at her husband’s sleeping face. Not knowing what she felt, but immediately tasted salt from her lips.