Sacred Stone

Image rights to Mickemike
Image rights to Mickemike

Lolo – Grandfather
Apo – Grandson

Daniel knew about the folk lore. His lolo was one of the oldest and richest men in their barrio. He heard that people like lolo Puling will never rest until he passed his sacred stone to one of his descendants.

It was him.

He entered the room smelling jasmin and incense. His lolo‘s face was peaceful. “My dear apo, give me your hand,” the ancient man said. Daniel reached out and held his lolo’s still strong hands. He remembered being carried by the old man when he was younger.

With a deep breath, “I leave you everything,” he said.

Their eyes locked as if speaking with one another for an eternity. Then the glow in the older man’s eyes disappeared, then he slept.

Daniel withdrew his hand from lolo Puling and noticed a blue jewel as if engraved in his palm.