Come Back to Me

image rights to Loelle

Come back to me” were words Jordan remembered. The memory of his wife’s face was drawn in the smog of the city district.

He swung a sledgehammer and started to demolish a wall of an apartment building on Forty-eight Street. A picture of a young couple fell on the floor. He picked it up then brought the wall down. Continue reading »

Tale of the Man who Loved the Moon

Image rights to Zorlone

In the land of Tah, a mighty warrior, Zoran won battles for his powerful, yet greedy ruler, Avarus. His only desire was for the love of his master’s daughter, Maan. Since Maan was Avarus’ most beautiful possession, he vanished her to the night sky and became the moon. Continue reading »

His Father’s Eyes

Image rights to zenobia_joy

Rene had been working overseas for the past three years, a couple of months more, he would be able to come back to his home land.

“I’ll be there when you graduate, Kit,” said Rene on the phone.

Kit heard his father hushed a child’s voice in the background, but disregarded the thought from his mind and said, “That would be great, dad. Mom and I can’t wait to see you again.” Continue reading »

The Guardian of the Forest (Part 6)

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Olin and Genu reached the land of the prophets. It was a desolate place that sucks the life out of mortal men. The brothers had to be in their beast forms.

An old man appeared in front of them wielding a staff. “We have been expecting you,” he said.

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The Anger from his Heart

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Justin woke up longing. He recalled how his nights were full of passion for his wife. The memories felt like dreams of another lifetime away. Now, her side of the bed lay empty.

He got up and went to shower. There were traces of his wife’s presence there. Her robe, toothbrush, and perfumes were in place.

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