Warm Hands

Image rights to "hey summer"

“He has such warm hands,” Page spoke loudly in the room.

She used to be bed ridden after suffering a concussion and was placed in the ICU. Everyday, doctor Robert made his rounds and examined her.

“You know Anne,” she spoke to the sleeping young lady next to her bed. “His hands felt so warm every time he touches me, I don’t know how to explain it,” she paused. “He healed me.

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Contagious laughter

Image rights to Zorlone

Jacob’s contagious laughter spilled throughout the room like daylight creeping through curtains in a sunny afternoon. He told his latest adventure to his friends. It was during Saturdays when he could relax and get together with the other workers at the factory.

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Odd Tuesday

Photo Credits to Manuel Atienzar

Alfred is an admired businessman known for his rags to riches story. After all, it took ten years of hard work to put him where he is.

Every week, he patiently waited in line to transact his business at the bank, but this odd Tuesday, an indigent went in and shook his hand.

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UnPerfect Timing

cubicle talk

image credit to John

Ron took two steps, hesitated, then returned to his desk. He stood up again, only to sit down quickly.

He’d been trying to convince himself for the past two hours, should or shouldn’t he ask Marie out?
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Jewel of the Eastern Sky

Image credit to zoomion

The forest was dark when the cave troll crept behind him. It raised a club as huge as the trunks of the surrounding trees and aimed at him. Joriah’s eyes have not yet adjusted when his instincts told him to duck. He heard a swooshing sound made by the club as it struck the tips of his hair. Continue reading »