October Night

Image rights to newyorkcitywalk.com
Image rights to newyorkcitywalk.com

It’s exactly five years since they last saw each other. Kelvin was in deep thought on his way home when he saw a familiar figure across Riverside Drive.

Joni was staring at him through an unusually thick fog.

Stunned, Kelvin’s eyes fell on a boy holding Joni’s hand when a bus drove by; they disappeared from view.

Kelvin dialed Joni.

A sleepy voice answered, “Hello?”

Joni, what are you doing here in New York? Who’s that boy with you?” he asked tightly in succession.

“K-Kelvin? I’m here in Manila with my mom. What are you talking about?”she asked.

He dropped his celfone when he saw where he stood. A marble monument with an iron enclosure was in front of him; he instantly knew why.

It was said that the “amiable child” shows your destiny in an October night like this.

To know more about the “amiable child” please click on the picture above. Happy Halloween everyone!

War Craft

Image Rights to William Dalton
Image Rights to William Dalton

A starless blanket covered the night when Laura came out of hiding. She smelled the fresh scent – a young blood. Her body reacted with her senses as the wind raced across her determined face. Her swift energy reflected the strength of her majestic body. In this form, she was a mistress of nature.

She found her prey, a juvenile deer lurking in the forest. Her pursuit was short; the deer failed to escape. Her claws ripped through the skin of the poor animal as she bit its neck with her powerful jaws.

A satisfied grin ran across her face.

Then, she caught another scent in the air. A familiarity this war craft remembered. It was her lover, Tom who waited for her.

A lonesome howl stirred the cold air then silence. Laura approached Tom excitedly in her human form.

Blue Lightning

Image Rights to Striking Photography
Image Rights to Striking Photography

A frightfully long scream was heard in the cold darkness of the valley where Cassandra ran for her life. Her boyfriend laid  drowning in a pool of blood near their car. She never witnessed death unfold from her innocent eyes. Thomas was a fool to defend her, he couldn’t have matched the devilish strength that monster possessed.

She hesitated a moment; took out her father’s golden pendant.

“This will protect you from any danger,” were the words of her departed father.

It was too dark. She tripped on a root: fell, rolled, and twisted. Her body burned with bruises. The creature was on top of her, its fangs gaping with its foul breath.

Then a brilliant light protected her; almost instantly, blue lightning struck the creature from her fingers.

“Merlin’s magical blood runs through me,” she whispered in deafening silence.

My friend dragonblogger, created a random twitter poem inspired by this story at Wandererthoughts – Poetry and Literature by Dragon Blogger. Thank you so much Justin!

After I wrote this story, I looked for information pertaining to Merlin’s legacy. I found out that there was a book written by Quinn Taylor Evans. Coincidentally, the character in this story has lightning powers, ergo light. It fit the character of Merlin’s third daughter in the book. So, I changed the name of my character here to Cassandra.

I hope you enjoyed my early Halloween story.