The Cursed Pendant

“Black magic I tell you!” An old man shouted in the middle of the plaza. He was frantic as he pronounced the words.

“Shhh,” a vendor hushed the troubled man. “Be quiet if you know what’s best for you.”

The fascinated onlookers gazed at the wild-eyed figure.

“You who cursed me with black magic, come out and face me if you want this back,” he shouted angrily as he waved a golden pendant within his hand. The crowd was still confused of what they saw.

The old man suddenly fell lifeless to the ground. A deafening silence shrouded the witnesses.

A teenager spoke, “Black…” but he was cut off by the old vendor. “Shhh! Be quiet if you know what’s best for you. She unmindfully picked up the cursed pendant from the old man’s hand and walked to the forest.

*Special thanks to Corinne for the online help

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"Telling stories 140 words at a time" may not be the best way to tell stories, but what started as a challenge to oneself, turned into a website of flash fiction.

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