UnPerfect Timing

image credit to John
image credit to John

Ron took two steps, hesitated, then returned to his desk. He stood up again, only to sit down quickly.

He’d been trying to convince himself for the past two hours, should or shouldn’t he ask Marie out?

Ron’s separation from his wife two years ago took a big blow on him. He vowed never to enter another relationship after his failed marriage, but that was before he met Marie.

She was his new co-worker at the office. Her cubicle was several rows opposite Ron’s. Marie broke up with her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago.

“Perfect timing,” Ron told himself.

Ron finally mustered enough courage and approached her, “Marie, can I invite you for dinner tonight?” he said.

Marie flashed a sweet smile at Ron and said, “Sorry… I’m not yet ready,” she stood up and walked away leaving Ron staring frozen at her empty seat.

Author: zorlone

"Telling stories 140 words at a time" may not be the best way to tell stories, but what started as a challenge to oneself, turned into a website of flash fiction.

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