Gasping for Breath

Image rights to Alkan Chaglar
Image rights to Alkan Chaglar

Laylay and Josephine knew each other for a short while, yet they felt as if they knew each other for a lifetime.

It was raining that night when Laylay heard a knock at her front door. It was indistinguishable whether Josephine’s face was soaked from the rain or from her tears.

“He- left- me-,” cried Josephine through sobs from her chest, she was like a fish out of the ocean gasping for breath.

Laylay hushed her friend and embraced Josephine tighter. “Don’t worry, you still have me. We’ll take care of each other.”

It took a few more minutes before Josephine calmed down. She stopped sobbing and gently sat on the floor with her best friend. She was looking at her tummy and caressed it with her trembling hand.

“Don’t worry Justin, mom and auntie Laylay are here for you.

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