The Guardian of the Forest (Part 7)

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Genu turned into a Minotaur, a mythical beast. In that form, he deflected the high priests spells.

In frustration, the high priest summoned a rampaging troll. It swung its club wildly toward Genu. The troll’s attacks were tireless.

From afar, Genu, saw his younger brother, who was frozen in Pegasus form from the distance. The high priest was about to stab him with a knife.

The troll swung its club, but Genu dodged it. With its other arm, it knocked Genu down. As he fell, he saw the high priest plunged the dagger to his brother.

He came about in his brother’s gorilla arms.

“What happened?” Genu asked.

“I escaped his spell and turned into a thunderbird. In that form, I threw a lightning bolt at him. He underestimated us,” Olin narrated. Then showed the blue hyacynth to his brother.

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