An Embarrassing Fall

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Gem’s left foot leaned outward and forward, while her right foot was planted on the floor, she held on to a railing with her left hand as her right hand balanced a tray of cookies for a fund raising activity in school.

“Bravo!” shouted a voice in the crowd. Gem righted herself up from skidding on the slippery floor of the hallway.

“Whew!” she said to herself, avoiding an embarrassing fall. “Thank you Suriel,” she prayed to her guardian angel.

On her way home, a masked man cornered her in an alley, pointed a knife to her throat, and rummaged her schoolbag for money. For no apparent reason, she slipped in the same position earlier; her attacker fell on the ground driving his own knife to his chest.

“Suriel, thank you,” she whispered. The money raised that day was untouched.

Author: zorlone

"Telling stories 140 words at a time" may not be the best way to tell stories, but what started as a challenge to oneself, turned into a website of flash fiction.

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