A Conversation @twitter

Image rights to Bakerella
Image rights to Bakerella

Following a conversation @twitter:

[email protected] Why are you running away?”

[email protected] I’m sick and tired of my parents dragging me to their stupid family trips.

[email protected] I ran away too. I resent my decision then. Don’t want you to suffer my fate.”

[email protected] What happened to you?”

[email protected] I was confused. I was miserable. Trust me it’s not worth it. Don’t leave.”

[email protected] That’s easier said than done.”

[email protected] True, but I will be here for you bro every step of the way.”

[email protected] Hmmm… Okay. I’ll give it a try.”

Roy signed out of twitter then went to his parents’ room.

“Goodnight dad,” he said. “Okay, I decided to join you and mom to our trip to the province tomorrow.”

“We’ll have a good time son,” Roy’s dad said and signed out of his iPhone twitter account as @lostboy99.

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