Sacred Stone

Image rights to mickemike

Image rights to Mickemike

Lolo – Grandfather

Apo – Grandson

Daniel knew about the folk lore. His lolo was one of the oldest and richest men in their barrio. He heard that people like lolo Puling will never rest until he passed his sacred stone to one of his descendants.

It was him.

He entered the room smelling jasmin and incense. His lolo‘s face was peaceful. “My dear apo, give me your hand,” the ancient man said. Daniel reached out and held his lolo’s still strong hands. He remembered being carried by the old man when he was younger.

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Cotton Candy

Image of Zorlone Edited by Frank Cunha III

Image of Zorlone Edited by Frank Cunha III

“One more, please?” Pedro cried out a prayer. He counted the small change he got from yesterday’s earnings. He still needed to meet his daily quota of cotton candy sales before he could start making any profits for the day.

The gloom oh his face brightened and he couldn’t help a smile broaden when two beautifully dressed girls approached him.

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Madison Ave

Madison Ave

Image rights to @Zorlone

It was daybreak when they realized they’ve been walking for five hours since last night. The teenagers were already joined by a crowd of people getting ready to work.

Rose still had some confetti tangled in her blond hair, while Julia’s face had lightly smudged make up, and Marcus’ shirt was untuck from his pants underneath a leather jacket.

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The Cursed Pendant

Image rights to "Prototype 57"

“Black magic I tell you!” An old man shouted in the middle of the plaza. He was frantic as he pronounced the words.

“Shhh,” a vendor hushed the troubled man. “Be quiet if you know what’s best for you.”

The fascinated onlookers gazed at the wild-eyed figure.

“You who cursed me with black magic, come out and face me if you want this back,” he shouted angrily as he waved a golden pendant within his hand. The crowd was still confused of what they saw.

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Cut to the Chase


Image rights to quadrocantos

“He says I talk too much.”

“He’s the strong, silent type. Besides, actions speak louder than words. What’d you say?”

“I said, ‘I love you.’”

“That’s only three words. Not so bad.”

“But there’s more…”

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